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Wendy Calomiris is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist (MFT #117299) in California.  She has two master’s degrees from Sonoma State University in counseling psychology, and human resources management from Golden Gate University; so, she is all about making systems work well from the inside out. 

Wendy has a private practice, Calomiris Counseling, in the North Bay where she specializes in helping people sort out their past so they can have the life they desire.  Although she celebrates all successes, she also feels honored to walk with people through their darkest memories and moments. She thrives on working with individuals looking to improve their relationship with themselves and others.  Her motto is simply, “ignite your life the way you dreamed.” 

For 25 years, Wendy worked with severely emotionally disturbed youth and their families both in and out of the system.  She has worked with emotionally, physically, sexually abused and neglected youth and families as they work through their issues to healthier systems.

Wendy’s survival of many medical conditions spurred a specialty in medical trauma.  She applies her vast trauma training to the specific needs of those who are managing a diagnosis, supporting care givers, and coordinating treatment planning between all providers when clients and families are overwhelmed.

Wendy has a wide breadth of training across therapeutic modalities; however, she tends to use a trauma-informed model across her treatment.  Some examples of her methodology include:

  • Trauma-informed cognitive behavioral therapy to separate thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

  • Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing to physiologically change the relationship to trauma and memories of the past so that people are able to move forward with a healthier future.

  • Experiential techniques, so clients may mirror and feel in their bodies the sensations that keep them in their bodies.

  • PTSD assessment and management,

  • Addiction, drug, and alcohol treatment from a dissociation and trauma-informed philosophy

  • No-blame and shame anger management

  • Head-on management of predatory behaviors from an attachment focused lens.

Wendy’s kind heart and no-nonsense comfort in managing systems makes her the perfect person to help someone tackle their fears and stories, making room for light and success to come.

What is your philosophy (how do you think?) 


The philosophy of Calomiris Counseling is that most manifestations of trauma can be tackled with direct work with the neural networks that keep trauma looping or keep us stuck.

Science, psychology, and metaphysics, team up to validate there is a relationship between emotional wellbeing and optimal physical health. Many physical ailments are the result of unacknowledged or unresolved emotional, physical, and/or spiritual conflicts.  Overt and hidden life stressors require immediate attention. Just like a car requires maintenance, failing to address our stressors and trauma impacts our systems; the mind and body start to breakdown.  Pain, physical challenges, or perhaps anxiety can result.  Calomiris Counseling holds that pain with you and walks with you so that you’re not alone.  We also believe that you have the strength, solutions, and tools inside you already to find the path to the future you desire.  Why wait?

Who is your target population and why?


Calomiris Counseling works with people who are ready for change.  This practice is for people who are experiencing something now and are ready to jump in to tackle life’s problems.  Sometimes we are faced with unexpected crises that come out of nowhere.  Calomiris Counseling works with those affected by medical diagnoses, trauma, sexual assault and domestic violence, child emotional neglect, isolation, and stressors that take over lives when they were never invited.  If you’re ready for hard work, Calomiris Counseling may be for you.

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