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EMDR Therapy for Those Affected and for Caregivers


What is EMDR:


Wendy Calomiris was trained by the EMDR Institute in the style of its founder and creator, Francine Shapiro.  She uses cutting edge EMDR protocols to disrupt the trauma cycle, making room for a healthy future.

Family Support Meetings


When a family member receives a new diagnosis, meeting as a family unit can help the whole system make a new relationship to the diagnosis, plan, and expected outcomes.  This is a great time to get the healing team in place for planning transportation, emotional support, and the logistics of fighting for one’s body.  It can also be helpful to have a facilitator though those hard conversations and decisions like when to start hospice, when a loved one is not treatment compliant, or walking with a family through the end of life process.


Treatment Provider Coordination


Many people work with other providers like doctors, teachers, coaches, nutritionists, physical and occupational therapists, massage therapists, and others.  Calomiris Counseling coordinates treatment planning between everyone on the team with prior consent so that all providers are on the same healing track.  This cuts down on possible confusion when all the input seems too overwhelming.  We cannot make medical diagnoses, but we can track the information and collect it in one place.

Online or In-person Whole Body Treatment


Calomiris Counseling uses both HIPAA approved online counseling platforms and in-person appointments to offer whole body trauma treatment.  We utilize cutting edge innovations in the EMDR world to disrupt your neural network’s old ways of relating to trauma using your mind, body, and spirit.  This may be anything from tapping your body while processing a memory to running, physical activity, dancing, listening to music, and other ways of overwhelming your working memory while trying to hold the image of the trauma.  Treatments are designed uniquely for each person.

Psychological Evaluations

Wendy Calomiris uses a comprehensive template for immigration psychological evaluations.  She welcomes assessments for Asylum, U-Visas, and Hardship Waivers.  Although she is not bilingual, Wendy welcomes using professional medical interpreters for the evaluations rather than loved ones or friends due to the possibilities of bias as well as confidentiality problems.  The client bears the cost of the interpreter.

Family Support
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